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Welcome to Dog Whisperer Services. The purpose of Dog Whisperer Services is to help people enjoy their dogs by teaching basic dog training skills and by solving behavioural issues. Ultimately, the health and wellbeing of your dog is a priority, so our service covers most aspects of being a dog owner.

Dog Whisperer Services offers both dog training and dog whispering services. Training involves teaching your pet to follow commands or perform tricks. Whispering involves solving behavioural problems by teaching the dog owner how to 'speak dog' and how to read their dog's body language.

Our goal is to improve the relationship between owner and dog by showing people the natural way to interact with their canine friend. You and your dog can have a happy, stress-free life together! 

My name is Belinda Culling. I have owned dogs for over 20 years and have been training dogs for five years. I am a professional member of the International Association Of Canine Professionals (IACP), and a full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers New Zealand (APDTNZ).

I am committed to offering you the best service possible and look forward to working with you and your dogs.

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(03) 476 4443

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(03) 476 4443


Thanks for visiting Dog Whisperer Services! 

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