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Daycare & Boarding

Daycare & Boarding

We offer both Daycare and Boarding services. Your beloved famiily canine can come and spend the day (or a longer period of time), with us and our pack, in our homes. Your dog will become part of the family, going where we go (if possible), including our daily play/walk with the pack.

Your dog will be 'whispered' while in our care, which simply makes it easier for your pet to become part of the family. Your dog(s) will look to our pack for what the routine is, and just slot into it without a problem. Being part of a pack is instinctual for canines so we find that the boarding dogs have a great experience and are more than happy to come back.

The service offered here at Dog Whisperer Services is a premier service, and is quite different to your standard boarding kennels. The number of dogs here is much fewer so that individual care and attention is given to each dog who visits. Training happens by default - clients report back that their dog/s come home much calmer and more balanced and responsive.

Daycare is offered at $25 per day including walk, training treats, bones, play and loves.

Boarding Services are offered at $20 per day plus food (or $25 incl. food). Boarding rates are determined by the day - not by overnight stays; For example, Monday morning until Wednesday evening is charged as 3 days, not 2 nights, as the work that happens in caring for your dogs is done mostly throughout the day and therefore charged as such. Please bring your dog's bed, collar & lead, and food. We supply walks, training treats, bones, play and loves.


Daycare & Boarding Gallery

       Grace, Gaius, Ash & Charlie         Ash & Gaius  

Enjoying the sun after a play session


Jess, Gaius, Ash & Holly

Jess, Gaius, Ash & Holly relaxing



 Theo & Ash sleeping after a walk


Daycare & Boarding Testimonials

"We recently moved to Dunedin from Wellington, and had to live in furnished accommodation (which didn’t allow dogs) until we found a house. I didn’t want to put Norman, our much loved mini schnauzer, into kennels for an indefinite length of time, and found Dog Whisperer Services when searching the internet while still in Wellington. Taking a leap of faith, not being able to meet Belinda in person until we actually arrived, we turned up on Belinda’s doorstep. 

Norman      Norman

Leaving Norman there was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do! After the worst day worrying about him, Belinda completely put my fears at rest by telling me that Norman was settling in well. We didn’t see Norman for a couple of weeks, to allow him to settle in properly, and any residual fears I had for his happiness were completely dissolved when – after his first day out with us – Norman nearly pulled my arm off trying to get back up the path to Belinda and the rest of the pack. 

That leap of faith was justified – it’s so great knowing that in future if we go away, Norman will be happy staying with Belinda. Just as importantly, Belinda has taught us how to modify our behaviour with Norman, resulting in a much calmer and happier dog. We are really grateful, and can’t recommend Dog Whisperer Services highly enough, as we know that Norman is in professional and caring hands."


Helen O’Sullivan

"Nemo is our 2yr old black Maltese X terrier. He's always been a patient, tolerant dog and faithful companion to our little daughter. But we've never, ever been able to train him not to chase our cat, and she hates him for it.
Last Christmas we had to fly home for a big family reunion, and Belinda's Dog Whisperer Services was our first choice for boarding Nemo over Christmas, so he could have a Merry Christmas with the other dogs at her home and not in a kennel.

On our return, we (and our cat), were totally surprised to find him calmly sharing the house with our cat, and not chasing her into the basement again. He was really good when he came back, and we only have to occasionally remind Nemo not to chase the cat!"

Peter Wong

"Belinda has cared for Armani, my Yorkshire Terrier, on a regular basis for over two years, until we moved. Armani will miss his stays with Belinda.
She is extremely professional and looked after Armani as if he was her own. Belinda also trained Armani when he stayed with her.

He would sometimes stay for a weekend and other times Armani would stay for 3 weeks. Armani would always come home his playful, happy self but with much better manners.

Thank you so much Belinda, you did a great job with Armani."

Linda Halverson



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