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PAWS Programme

Pack Adjustment Whispering Service

The PAWS programme (Pack Adjustment Whispering Service) involves your dog boarding with us for a period of time while we work intensively on the issue that you need resolved. If the problem is so severe that it can't be fixed in your home (this might be because of time restraints or the nature of the problem), we can do the core work for you, followed up with a standard 1 on 1 session teaching you what has been done to solve the problem and how you need to continue with the training.

A dog trainer can take any dog and train them and have that dog work beautifully for them, but return them to the owner and the behaviour will revert to its initial state. This is because the way that a dog works with someone is all about their relationship, meaning that the relationship between dog and owner needs to be addressed. So why does the PAWS programme work? Firstly, the dog is living with us for a reasonable period of time with a pack of dogs who 'know the rules' and are practicing balanced pack behaviour - this is the 'power of the pack' in action! Your dog becomes conditioned to living in the correct environment - an environment that makes sense to them as a pack animal. Second, in the follow-up session we cover all the training that has taken place so that you understand the process, how your dog sees the world, and teach you how to continue. So when your dog returns, you start as you mean to go on (as a confident pack leader), continuing to practice what your dog has already been practicing. Your relationship is refreshed and makes sense to your dog who is relieved of the job of 'leading the pack' and the associated symptoms that go with the job.

The cost of this service is $25/day plus food. Training treats, bones, walks, play and loves are included!

PAWS Programme Form

If you're interested in using our Pack Adjustment Whispering Service, please fill in your details below. I will contact you so that we can discuss the issues that you wish to address and formulate a plan to achieve the desired result. Thanks.

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