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Dog Training

Training Class Testimonials

"I attended Basic Obedience Classes with Belinda.

After the first session I already noticed a difference in my dog, a 2 year old bearded colllie X.

The classes give you all the skills and support you need to get your dog obeying basic commands, and also explains how leadership plays a very important part in developing trust and obedience."

Rosie Finigan

"I have not one but two crazy rescue dogs and they both have their issues. Echo & ZeroZero (2 years old) is not comfortable around other dogs and tends to try to lunge and generally dominate them and Echo (1 and a half years old) is just super excited about everything. After doing basic obedience classes with a dog trainer I decided we needed more specific training to suit Zero's problems. Belinda came and did a one on one session at our house and it was a great insight! We also took Echo to puppy classes with Belinda, and we then took both dogs to another class with her to learn how to deal with dog aggression/socializing difficult dogs.

Belinda has been a great help and I have learnt how to deal with the dogs' different behaviour problems. I have also learnt how to read their signals and through that I now know how to prevent their behaviour from escalating into something very close to chaos. It's constant work to keep on top of two dominant dogs but Belinda continues to answer any questions I have regarding the dogs' ongoing training.

I highly recommend Belinda's training classes and behavioural training after we have learnt so much from her and seen great improvements in our dogs."


Zero & Echo


Training Options

There are a number of important commands that your dog would benefit from knowing. Many will be taught at puppy classes when you first get your pup, but often we can get a bit relaxed about training once the short introductory classes are over.

We offer puppy classes for puppies of all ages (8 weeks to 2 years). Our focus is on the stage between the puppy class offered at the vet and around a year to eighteen months old, when most problems arise - but problems can come to the fore at any time that there is significant change in a dogs life so all classes are geared toward the specific needs of those attending.

We offer both group classes and 1-on-1 training. The training is a combination of obedience training and dog psychology (or dog whispering). Obedience work gives you the ability to give your dog a command and have him follow it. The whispering focuses on the relationship between owner and dog, ensuring that you are aware of the affect that your actions and state of mind has on your dog. You will be taught how to read your dog's body language and in turn, understand how your body language affects your dog.

Classes are dependent on numbers. Please enquire for proposed dates for next class.

Training Form

If you're interested in a training class or private session, please fill in the form below. I will contact you so that we can discuss the issues that you wish to address. Thanks.

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