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Dog Whispering

What is Dog Whispering?

Dog Whispering is a philosophy more so than a specific training method. Dog Whispering simply involves the whisperer understanding the language of the dog and in turn, being able to speak to the dog in their own language.

Dogs are a pack animal and think like a pack members. As far as your dog is concerned everyone must abide by the rules of the pack. This is where the problems start because humans don't follow "the rules" and leave the dog somewhat confused.

There are a number of ways that a dog will communicate with another dog - using eye contact, ear movement, the tail, licking, smell and the general way that they stand in relation to the other dog. The hierarchy of the pack is also important to how one dog relates to another, depending on age, gender, size and initially, its place in the litter. Pack behaviour is instinctual to a dog so it's easy to understand that a dog is going to have a little trouble adjusting to our human ways. Knowledge of pack behaviour is extremely helpful as our dogs attempt to communicate and function with us. If we don't understand our dog (or pack behaviour), it becomes a communication barrier, and the situation escalates and generally results in being misinterpreted as 'a bad dog', who then ends up in a dog shelter or worse, euthanized. 

This is where we can help you to understand what is happening with your beloved family pet. Our main interest is in dog psychology, otherwise known as 'dog whispering'.

Whispering Form

If you're interested in a Whispering Session, please fill in your details below. I will contact you so that we can discuss the issues that you wish to address and make a time to get together. Thanks.

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Whispering Testimonials

"I have not one but two crazy rescue dogs and they both have their issues. Echo & ZeroZero (2 years old) is not comfortable around other dogs and tends to try to lunge and generally dominate them and Echo (1 and a half years old) is just super excited about everything. After doing basic obedience classes with a dog trainer I decided we needed more specific training to suit Zero's problems. Belinda came and did a one on one session at our house and it was a great insight! We also took Echo to puppy classes with Belinda, and we then took both dogs to another class with her to learn how to deal with dog aggression/socializing difficult dogs.

Belinda has been a great help and I have learnt how to deal with the dogs' different behaviour problems. I have also learnt how to read their signals and through that I now know how to prevent their behaviour from escalating into something very close to chaos. It's constant work to keep on top of two dominant dogs but Belinda continues to answer any questions I have regarding the dogs' ongoing training.

I highly recommend Belinda's training classes and behavioural training after we have learnt so much from her and seen great improvements in our dogs."



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